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  • Posth, N.R., Huelin, S., Konhauser, K.O., and Kappler, A., 2010. Size, density and composition of cell-mineral aggregates formed during anoxygenic phototrophic Fe(II) oxidation: Impact on modern and ancient environments. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 74:3476-3493.
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  • Konhauser, K.O. 2007.  Introduction to Geomicrobiology.  Blackwell Publishing, 425 pp.

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Research area

Microbe-mineral interactions through time; Origins of banded iron formations; Ancient paleo-redox conditions on Earth; Neoproterozoic glaciations and animal evolution.

Research opportunity

MSc or PhD projects are available that combine lab-based experiments focusing on the partitioning of trace metals to iron oxides, silicates and carbonates with the chemical analyses of Precambrian banded iron formations, cherts and carbonates, respectively, in order to ascertain the composition of the ancient oceans and marine biosphere