John H England

Professor Emeritus
ESB 1-016 A
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NSERC Northern Research Chair

  • England, J.H.  2010  'Canada needs a polar policy' Nature  463/14 January 2010, p. 159
  • England, J.H., Furze, M.F.A. and Doupe, J.  2009  'Revision of the NW Laurentide Ice Sheet:  Implications for paleoclimate, the northeast extremity of Beringia, and Arctic ocean sedimentation' Quaternary Science Review  28: 1573-1596
  • England, J.H. and Furze, M.F.A.  2008  'New evidence from the western Canadian Arctic Archipelago for the resubmergence of Bering Strait' Quaternary Research  70: 60-67
  • Bradley, R.S. and England, J.H.  2008  'The Younger Dryas and the sea of ancient ice' Quaternary Research  70: 1-10
  • England, J.H., Lakeman, T.R., Lemmen, D.S., Bednarski, J.M., Stewart, T.G. and Evans, D.J.A.  2008  'A millennial-scale record of Arctic Ocean sea ice variability and the demise of the Ellesmere Island ice shelves' Geophysical Research Letters  35: 1-5
  • Wolken, G.J., England, J.H. and Duke, A.S.  2008  'Changes in late-Neoglacial perennial snow/ice extent and equilibrium-line altitudes in the Queen Elizabeth Islands, Arctic Canada' The Holocene  18: 615-627
  • Wolken, G.J., Sharp, M.J. and England, J.H.  2008  'Changes in late-Neoglacial climate inferred from former equilibrium-line altitudes in the Queen Elizabeth Islands, Arctic Canada' The Holocene  18: 629-641

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Research area

Each summer, I head a diverse group of field projects involving graduate and undergraduate students in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. This research is concerned with the nature of environmental variability at high latitudes and focuses on a range of proxy records including: the chronology, style, and dynamics of past ice sheets, sea level changes in response to these former ice loads, and the nature of Holocene environmental change recorded by the entry and distribution of driftwood and whale bone on raised marine shorelines, and sedimentation in lake basins many of which have recently emerged from the sea. Publications pertaining to these themes are listed above.

I have conducted more than 25 field seasons throughout Arctic Canada, including Greenland. I have also conducted research in the Karakoram Mountains, Northern Pakistan, another tectonically-active, arid, glaciated mountain region which shares many similarities to Arctic environments.

Research interest

England, J.H.  NSERC Northern Research Chair for "Environmental Change across NW North America, Ice Age to present". 2007-2012.
 This work focuses on investigating Late Quaternary glaciations and sea level change in the western Canadian Arctic Archipelago; the dynamics of the NW Laurentide ice Sheet; sediment transport to the Arctic Ocean basin, U-Pb laser ablation dating of erratics transported to the western Arctic from mainland Canada, paleoclimatic change, and the NE extremity of Beringia.


University of Colorado, 1974