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Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences (EAS) has installed a new Axis cameras on the University of Alberta's H.M. Tory Building. The cameras record and store visual weather and river conditions every 15 minutes. Images are archived at EAS Digital Imaging Facility and then transmitted to the EAS web-server and displayed on this web-page. Archived image dimensions are 1920x1080 pixels at 72dpi. Web page images are in 320x280 pixels (800x600 in lager view).

Edmonton Downtown (Campbell Scientific Camera)

Campbell Scientific (Canada) has installed a CC5MPX Digital Network Camera high above Edmonton's spectacular river valley on the University of Alberta's H.M. Tory Building. The camera records visual weather conditions every 15 minutes and transfers the image via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to both the University server and Campbell Scientifics' server.

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Skyline image sequence archive

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