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Earth and Atmospheric Sciences encompasses the study of the atmosphere, surface and interior of the Earth. The Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences is unique in Canada in that it offers its students an interdisciplinary approach to the study of environmental earth science, geology, atmospheric science and geography. Students in our department take courses from nationally and internationally recognized scholars who are at the forefront of their science. The department is distinguished, nationally and internationally, for its research in geology, arctic studies, geomorphology and in the atmospheric sciences.

We offer eight different programs, six in the Faculty of Science and two in the Faculty of Arts. Honors and Specialization degree programs are offered in the Faculty of Science in Atmospheric Sciences, Environmental Earth Sciences, Geology, Paleontology (Honors only) and Planning (Specialization only). A B.Sc General degree may also be obtained with an Earth Science major or minor. Students may earn a B.A with a major or minor in Human Geography or a major in Planning in the Faulty of Arts. Please contact the Undergraduate Advisors with any questions or comments about the programs.

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Degree Programs

  • Atmospheric Sciences

    Atmospheric Science is the study of the Earth's atmosphere, weather and climate. It deals with weather forecasting and with the dynamical, physical and chemical processes that control winds, clouds and storms. The study of atmospheric science offers the opportunity to investigate the forces that shape weather and climate and the ways in which human activities can affect our weather and climate through the introduction of pollutants into the atmosphere. Computer models of weather and climate play an essential role... more information

  • Environmental Earth Sciences

    Environmental Earth science is the study of interactions between humans and Earth's natural environment. You will study the influence of human activities on the local and global environment as well as how human actions are shaped and controlled by the geologic and geomorphic processes occurring around us. The program offers a wide choice of courses; students who focus on geoscience may take the required course work to qualify for registration with APEGGA, the Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta, which regulates the practice of these professions in Alberta. Environmental Earth science is of global importance today and in the future, as we face more and more challenging environmental issues... more information

  • Geology

    Geology is the study of the planet Earth - the materials of which it is made, the processes which affect these materials, and the origin and evolution of life. Once you have completed either the Honors or Specialization degree you will have the required course work to qualify for registration with APEGGA, the Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta, which regulates the practice of these professions in Alberta.

    The Geology program has been substantially updated for students entering the program in 2008-09.  If you entered the Geology program in an earlier year your course requirements will remain as they were when you entered the program; where course names or numbers have changed substitution of new courses will be allowed... more information

  • Human Geography

    The study of human geography focuses on the interface between people and the physical environment within which they operate. As a student of the new BA program you will have the opportunity to take courses that will provide you with a grounding in both the theoretical and policy issues faced by public and private agencies when they attempt to either monitor the impact of human activity on the environment or control or prevent negative impacts... more information

  • Planning

    The Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences offers a BA major in Planning and a BSc Specialization in Planning. Students interested in focusing on natural science elements of planning, including environmental management and the use of geographic information sciences, should consider the BSc program and those interested in the aesthetic, economic, and social issues of planning should consider the BA program.... more information

  • Paleontology

    Paleontology explores the evolutionary history of life, beginning billions of years ago, when matter and energy first organized life out of chaos, to the present day's astonishing diversity of living things. As a science, paleontology examines and explains the patterns and processes of evolution as preserved in the fossil record... more information

  • Industrial Internship Program

    An Industrial Internship Program, similar to a co-op program, is offered to students in the Specialization or Honors programs in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences (see section 193.7.8 of the University Calendar for guidelines to the program). The Industrial Internship designation will appear on the degree parchments of students who have participated in the program... more information

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