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Science prof looks to past climate change to understand future impact

A former University of Alberta PhD student has come back to campus as an assistant professor, to explore and teach about the mysteries of natural climate warming and ice age history, on the heels of a newly published paper in Nature.

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Ancient rocks yield clues about Earth's earliest crust

The University of Alberta geochemistry student spent the better part of three years collecting and studying ancient rock samples from the Acasta Gneiss Complex in the Northwest Territories, part of his PhD research to understand the environment in which they formed.

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John Allan: The Founding of Alberta's Energy Industries

Willem Langenberg, Adjunct Professor, EAS and Dave Cruden, Professor Emeritus, EAS invite you to a book launch of their most recent publication.

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Dr. Jiri Krupicka (1913 - 2014)

Dr. Jirí (George) Krupicka of Edmonton passed away on Thursday, April 24, 2014, just 11 days before his 101st birthday. He was Professor Emeritus of the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, and his career at the University of Alberta ran from 1968 to his retirement in 1988. His geological research specialized in metamorphic petrology with emphasis on the Canadian Shield and the Western Cordillera of North America.

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Museums Celebration Highlights Deep Talent Pool

Andrew Locock has been a longtime advocate for the University of Alberta Museums. He served as the Collections Manager for the Mineralogy/Petrology, Meteorite, Drill Core, Invertebrate Paleontology, and Trace Fossil collections for more than seven years.
UofA Hall of Fame (2014 Inductees)

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Available position: Collections and Museums Administrator

Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences is looking for collections and museums administrator.

Employment Opportunity

Tenured or Tenure-Track Position in Structural Geology or Organic Geochemistry

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Computer simulation of marine ice accretion

The Royal Society's "Most-Read Articles during November 2013" listed a paper by EAS Professor Emeritus, Dr. Edward P. Lozowski, (co-authored with Krysztof Szilder and Lasse Makkonen), as the 6th most read article on the top fifty list.

Message from the Planning Director

It is my pleasure to welcome both new and returning students to the Planning program at the University of Alberta. We eagerly look forward to an exciting and challenging year for faculty and students alike and trust that it will be filled with new discoveries, perspectives and friendships.