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Scientist explores worlds past and present

J.P. Zonneveld doesn't shy away from the muck at Willapa Bay, Wash. during a group expedition to sample modern mudflats to understand how animals rework sediment in intertidal successions. Zonneveld says field work is one of the most enjoyable aspects of his work as a professor of earth sciences.

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Special theme in honour of the career of Professor John England in "Quaternary Science Reviews"

During the summer of 2012 John England conducted his last official arctic field season on southwest Banks Island, bringing to a close 47 years of field research in the Canadian Arctic.

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Canadian researcher studies catastrophic “supervolcanos”

While mankind has experienced some massive deadly volcanic eruptions in our recorded history, Vesuvius, Krakatoa, Mt St Helen’s, and Pinatubo just to name a few, we’ve never experienced the devastation of a supervolcano.

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Secret sea

A rare mineral encased in diamond confirms a mass of water the size of all the oceans combined could be hidden deep in the Earth's mantle.
Listen & read more at nature podcast.

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Hydrous mantle transition zone indicated by ringwoodite included within diamond

25 years ago scientists began to predict that such high-pressure olivines might contain vast amounts of water, locked deep in the Earth, but such a notion has remained highly controversial, with many scientists maintaining that the deep Earth is a desert in terms of water.

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Rui Wang Doctoral Final

Apr. 23, 01:30, ESB 1-23

Tamar Richards Master's Final

Apr. 24, 01:00, ESB 1-23

Lauren Eberly Master's Final

Apr. 25, 01:00, ESB 1-23
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Computer simulation of marine ice accretion

The Royal Society's "Most-Read Articles during November 2013" listed a paper by EAS Professor Emeritus, Dr. Edward P. Lozowski, (co-authored with Krysztof Szilder and Lasse Makkonen), as the 6th most read article on the top fifty list.

Message from the Planning Director

It is my pleasure to welcome both new and returning students to the Planning program at the University of Alberta. We eagerly look forward to an exciting and challenging year for faculty and students alike and trust that it will be filled with new discoveries, perspectives and friendships.