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The rifting apart of a continent: Part II

Martyn Unsworth is on an expedition to learn more about the unusual Mount Erebus volcano in Antarctica. This continuously active volcano is not on a plate boundary, but is actively rifting apart the continent. He will be sharing a series of his journals from his first expedition to Antarctica.

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Alberta researchers use high tech tools for climate health checks

The science of environmental monitoring is changing rapidly, driven by powerful technology like cloud computers, big data analysis and wireless sensor networks.

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Discover: Top 100 Stories of 2014

Diamonds Reveal Hidden 'Oceans' in Earth's Mantle
A tiny speck of of the mineral ringwoodite makes waves.

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Predicting Environmental Change

Arturo Sanchez-Azofeifa with the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Alberta has teamed up with Bernie Kollman, IBM’s vice-president of the Public Sector, Alberta. The result is some monitoring that is world wide and may help predict future environmental events.

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The birth and death of oceans: what ancient Pangea has to say about future supercontinents

Pangea, the supercontinent that contained most of the Earth's landmass until about 180 million years ago, endured a rather apocalyptic undoing during the Jurassic period - when the Atlantic Ocean opened up.

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Congratulating: Jesse Reimink

Please join me in congratulating Jesse Reimink, who has won a Mineralogical Association of Canada Foundation Scholarship.