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Town to further explore geothermal energy proposal

Hinton could be home to a geothermal energy research project in the new year. Jonathan Banks, representing the University of Alberta was on hand at the standing committee meeting of council on June 23 to discuss the potential project.

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Paleontology grad catches science bug

Edmonton native Emily Moore's interest in studying prehistoric insects was cemented when she found out UAlberta offers one of the world's best paleontology programs.

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Graduate Student Teaching Awards for 2014-2015

Graduate Student Teaching Awards for 2014-2015 were awarded to Rebecca Stone, Cassidy Rankine and Laura Eggleston for the their outstanding performance in mentoring Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Students during the past school year.

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Meet the oceansí most fierce B-movie invertebrate predators

Lindsey Leighton, an associate professor in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, describes some of his favourite B-movie marine predators, so prepare yourself for the most ghastly ocean rituals of creatures that are anything but spineless.

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110. Location efficiency: Discovering the hidden transportation costs of where you live

Location Efficiency expert Kurt Borth says too many people "drive until you qualify" for a big house, without considering the very real and significant transportation costs you will experience just getting to work and play.

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Congratulating: Jesse Reimink

Please join me in congratulating Jesse Reimink, who has won a Mineralogical Association of Canada Foundation Scholarship.